There are many things to consider during a child’s development but hearing is typically not at the top of the list of things people typically think about. It is however very important to consider the healthy development of a child’s hearing health. Exposure to loud sounds too often can lead to long term hearing impairment, when children are watching movies or music too loud and affects eardrums for example. There are however many things that can be done to protect the health of a child's ears to ensure they maintain and protect ears.

Ways To Protect Developing Ears

There are a number of ways to protect ears from being exposed to loud sounds too often. Environmental sound typically does not expose children too often which is of no concern to the daily life of a child however technology can typically be the route source of long exposure times of loud sounds. The World Health Organization has recommended 85dB is a safe level for children but many earphones are above this level making them less suitable for children’s ears, it is also recommended that earphones do not directly send sound to the eardrums as this can also have effects on hearing development.

How to Know What Is Suitable For Your Child?

There are many different earphones available on the market with a range of different qualities and features available. Because of this it is understandable that there are some headsets that would be more suitable and safer to use for your child. First checking to see if the headphones are suitable for your child’s hearing by checking the maximum range of sound that comes out of the earphones. Secondly would be to check if the sound would be sent directly into the ears or would it be transmitted externally and checking if the headphones are stable enough to stay in place and ensure the children can hear the audio without creating adverse effects on the child's hearing.

Picking a suitable pair of earphones for children

Of course choosing a pair of headphones that is specifically tailor made to accommodate for children is the most ideal option as these tend to be better suited to the healthy hearing standards of children. Take the imoo Ear-care Headset as an example, they include all the above mentioned features to promote hearing health for children’s development but also built to a high quality to ensure long term use.

What the imoo Ear-care Headset Offers

The imoo Ear-care Headset has a range of unique features that make it stand out from all the other child earphones. The over the ear structure is a first of it’s kind for children’s earphones with it’s own patented technology. With it’s high quality build and skin sensitive materials, this headset provides premium use exclusively for children with a safe and healthy audio experience.


Children’s hearing health is an important thing to think about, especially with all of the potential audio devices that could have a long term effect on a child’s hearing. Luckily there are options like the imoo Ear-care Headset available on the market to ensure that children’s hearing stays healthy.


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