Are you looking for something great and really affordable for your child? There is no need to look any further, we are excited to tell you about the imoo Watch Phone Z1. It aims to give your child plenty of joy whether they are indoors or outdoors. It also has a lot to offer and is sure to give your child plenty of extra fun.


How Does imoo Watch Phone Z1 Stand Out?

The imoo Watch Phone Z1 has lots of impressive features built into it for a surprisingly affordable price with all the hardware and software needed to keep you and your child satisfied.

Video Calls

There is HD Video allowing for everything being captured by the camera to come up crystal clear.

This makes it perfect for the video calls so that parents can see their children and the surroundings of their children with amazing clarity.

 Accurate Locating

It also benefits from having accurate locating built into the device. This allows parents to know the exact location of their child with ease.

This can be done by just simply going to imoo app and using the location features. All of this is supported by Google Maps and achieved through a combination of locating technologies, including GPS, GLONASS, WIFI and LBS.

You will, therefore, be sure that your child is safe while you can simply check their location with a few taps on your phone.



Make sure to enjoy great savings by ordering your imoo Watch Phone Z1 today.

It has a lot to enjoy and can help to ensure your child's safety. This includes its moderation features and restrictions to protect your child from stranger contact and exposure to inappropriate content, as well as a locator feature to ensure your child stays in a safe place.


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